Sunday, April 23, 2017

Example of How Much Water Spokane Has Gotten.

So...we have lived here since 1983 and have never seen this much water. In the second image, in front of the two pine trees there has been a smallish pond in 2-3 years. Now look at it! Wow.

March 5th Morning Hike to My Secret/Favorite Spot!!!

It was wet and a little cold but I loved being out in it. In the one picture you can see the beaver lodge.

Bird-watching Alone in the Cold Fog

I drove out early Friday morning to Folsom Farm near the Hog/Fishtrap Lake complex to see what I could see. Luckily the blind I sat in kept me out of the wind from the south. The main entertainment was a pair of Pied Billed Grebes who would occasionally call and once performed their mating display. I also say many yellow-headed blackbirds, a widely spread out number of coots, a pair of mallards and heard the call of a flicker.